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Help the good witch defeat the evil Wilbur


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Bubble Witch Saga 3 (Wilbur) is a casual shooter game where you rescue magic animals trapped inside colorful bubbles. An evil cat (Wilbur) imprisoned these adorable little creatures and is scheming to become the most powerful wizard of all times. But, the good witch isn't going to make it easy for him.

Pop bubbles to free animals by shooting to match 3 or more of the same color. This is classic bubble shooter gameplay seen many times before in hundreds of other games, but this time King added a unique twist. You need to find special balls, magic powers, and other surprises in order to vanquish the forces of Wilbur.

This time, you work your way through a map, just like in Candy Crush Saga. To cross the map, you'll need to unlock each level. And as usual for King, more and more aree created as the app is updated.

Bubble Witch Saga 3 (Wilbur) is a fun and beautiful puzzle game that provides hours and hours of fun for any fan of this genre. Graphics, while being somewhat repetitive, are gorgeous.
By Erika Okumura
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Leaked! The new Bubble Witch Saga 3 on Android

King had already been around the block long before Candy Crush; in fact, the first game that they released way back in 2011 was no other than Bubble Witch Saga, a puzzle game that clearly had its fill of Puzzle Bobble's gameplay landing it as a cornerstone for what was to come. After releasing its sequel in 2014, they're brushing off dust and picking up where they left off with a release of what looks like this game's third title. And we're keeping things up in the air here, by saying "looks like" because the game itself was leaked and distributed under the code name Wilbur. Even though within the innards of its APK package the truth is revealed with the games real author info (com.king.bubblewitch3).
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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